Sunday, December 11, 2016

2018 Chevrolet Nova SS with Future Specifications

Many automakers plan to revive their old brand, including Chevrolet. The new 2018 Chevy Nova SS might not yet come into market, but people want to know more about its development. Before predicting about design and specification, you should go back to fifty years ago. In 1962, Nova was released as alternate name of Chevy II. This car had passed five generations and the last one was in 1988. After that, rumor for revival started to emerge due to eagerness of fans.

2018 Chevrolet Nova SS Exterior and Interior

In spite of non-official launch for this car, you may expect some excellent designs to come out soon. There are three cars from Chevrolet that can be the good way to project future design of Nova SS. If 2018 Chevrolet Nova SS is compact and standard sedan, Malibu and Impala is the close relative. Nova SS tends to be more Impala-like, but Camaro might be the best model as reference. Of course, manufacturer will add some distinctions.

2018 Chevy Nova Specs and Dimension

The key of future car can be seen in interior. New equipment and tools are added to improve driving experience. This car gets new display at front dashboard with some useful applications. You do not have to worry about internet connection because 4G LTE gives ultrafast network. The car also uses app to find route, weather forecast, traffic information, and road condition. This is sophisticated car with advanced technology.

2018 Chevy Nova Interior

The cabin uses two-row seat if Chevrolet produces four doors mode. The seats get refinement with high quality leather. Customers are able to pick black or dark brown accent for interior. Other tools are seat belt, blind spot monitor, camera, air bags, etc. Basically, 2018 Chevrolet Nova SS will be the most sophisticated car at all.

2018 Chevrolet Nova SS Engine

Engine capacity for 2018 Chevrolet Nova SS is estimated to be more than 2.0 liter. It is better to have 3.0 and 3.6 liter with powertrain between 300 and 350 horsepower. One suitable for Nova is premium or luxury segment. For this category, the car should have powerful engine with latest technology. The transmission is automatic with six to eight speeds. Fuel consumption is gasoline. Chevrolet may consider hybrid for this car to fulfill market's demand.

Besides luxury class, another consideration is electric car. Of course, this matter requires long research and development. As stated earlier, the release date is still unknown. 2018 might be too soon, but you may hope for facelift or primary concept of Nova SS. If the car is ready to buy, the price is varying. You may need more than $30,000 to bring this car at home. Test drive is possible when the car is available and does such matter in authorized dealer. Therefore, this car is worth to wait.

Competitors come from inside and outside Chevrolet. If this car is ready to launch, Impala and Camaro are like co-worker that compete each other. You cannot ignore Ford Taurus or Mustang. Besides them, several automakers have their own cars with the same category. From Asia, Chevrolet will face Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Hyundai. Do not forget German giants such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen. Therefore, Chevrolet needs to put more concern about this matter before producing new 2018 Chevy Nova SS.

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